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ShenSirens Prolouge by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming ShenSirens Prolouge :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 6 6 ShenSirens Cover (Digital) by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming ShenSirens Cover (Digital) :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 3 40 Sai intro by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming Sai intro :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 3 72 Toe sockies qwq by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming Toe sockies qwq :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 9 56 Tribal Rainbow Phoenix Tattoo by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming Tribal Rainbow Phoenix Tattoo :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 7 94 Roast Me by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming Roast Me :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 4 443 Art Project (PS collage) .:FINISHED:. by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming Art Project (PS collage) .:FINISHED:. :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 9 15 Art Project (PS collage) by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming Art Project (PS collage) :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 8 117 Fountain Idea by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming Fountain Idea :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 4 188 My House (VP's Realm) by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming My House (VP's Realm) :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 5 62 #WENEEDHOSTAGES by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming #WENEEDHOSTAGES :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 0 36 For everyone pressuring Sarahsuz by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming
Mature content
For everyone pressuring Sarahsuz :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 0 16
Come join me! by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming Come join me! :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 2 26 I wish i could build like this TwT by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming I wish i could build like this TwT :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 3 52 World Champion Bound -Strieker Lite by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming World Champion Bound -Strieker Lite :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 3 29 Halloween Night with Herobrine by StriekerXL-MC-Gaming Halloween Night with Herobrine :iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming 8 46
Have a little looksy to see what peeks your interest ^^

There's bound to be something~


The ShenSirens: Prologue Page 1 by DanielaDragonEXE The ShenSirens: Prologue Page 1 :icondanieladragonexe:DanielaDragonEXE 4 18 The ShenSirens: Prologue Shattered Memories by DanielaDragonEXE The ShenSirens: Prologue Shattered Memories :icondanieladragonexe:DanielaDragonEXE 5 6 XD this is 100% true by sarahsuz XD this is 100% true :iconsarahsuz:sarahsuz 6 36 Don't try to tell me that this isn't true XD by InkingSky Don't try to tell me that this isn't true XD :iconinkingsky:InkingSky 74 42 BOI by sarahsuz BOI :iconsarahsuz:sarahsuz 2 24 Work in progress (skype group friends) by Rosie-draws-art Work in progress (skype group friends) :iconrosie-draws-art:Rosie-draws-art 13 29 Selfie with HellFire by MamesTheDragon Selfie with HellFire :iconmamesthedragon:MamesTheDragon 5 18
you know those crying fits where you have to physically stop yourself from screaming, from biting your arms.
I may have just made the biggest mistake of my life.
They say love is hard, and it fucking is. I didn't listen, I took it for granted. 
Don't do what I did. 
Don't lie, don't keep secrets no matter how deep you think they are. It'll make things worse. 
:iconscrewed-conspiracy:Screwed-Conspiracy 1 13
LEGO Ninjago - Zane x Reader ~ Snow Castle
The passing of the seasons were always quick, but you mostly savored the moments during the winter. 
The effects of the 3-feet snow pilling onto the bounty's deck gave you and the ninjas time to relax for a change instead of training. All the spar time you had gave you chances to spend time with the icy nindroid, Zane. 
Those times would include you having short talks with him, cooking side-by-side, playing video games (with you beating him), and the many more things you guys had in common.
One day, the snow wasn't falling as much so you stepped outside in your [f/c] sweater, some warm pants, and a [f/c] beanie with a matching scarf. The falling snow gently touched your face, and soon, because of all the snow on the huge deck, you decided to sculpt.
"(Name), what are you doing out here?"
You turned to face Zane, noticing that he was wearing a white scarf and a white hat.
You answered, "Nothing much, just about to play and construct some things with the snow. Wanna do it toget
:iconartgamerforever:artgamerforever 114 57
Random fight or something..... by midnite300 Random fight or something..... :iconmidnite300:midnite300 5 6
'pop adds join the pride month'
'pop widget get the flag'
'pop deviation submit your pride'
of all deviants you decided to bug me?
well its not my fault i woke up and forced in a 'black and white' color flag im forced to keep and not my favourite colors
oh wait~................
who cares anyway...
ignore the hungry africans and the terrorist attacks lets focus on colors!
colors if straight people use is considered gayyyyyyy
:iconspidershark:spidershark 1 34
Father's Day 2017 by 02Yakols-Firestar Father's Day 2017 :icon02yakols-firestar:02Yakols-Firestar 6 11
Diary entry: Final Chapter
(.......... *Armed and ready*)
You ok bud?.....
(I'm fine..... *weak*)
..... Come on bro.....
(...... Heh.... We had a good run spid...)
....what do you mean...
(....Your growing up... Your becoming healthier........ We're being back to 'normal"....)
! cant.... Your lying...
(........ *goes off*)
Where you going...
(....... *keeps walking*)
........... *frowns looks down*.....
- I remember..... -
(daina: *asleep In bed*)
(..... *kissed her forehead, Vanish*)
- I was a nobody -
(Douglas: *purr asleep*)
(*Patting rubbing his head*....... *vanish*)
- Now..... -
(Daina: *Alseep on the couch* zzzz.....)
(.... *kissed her cheek* goodbye mom........ *Vanish serious face*)
- Now I'm thankful.... -
*Where all the Demons who has a grudge on leh hide out*
(demon: *patrol*)
(*Appears behind him, Had Rage and villanous glare in his eyes as it glowed weak, BANG*)
(demon: *dies head shotted behind*)
(demons: *alerted looks*)
(guard: IT'S RAV-
( *BANG BANG killing t
:iconspidershark:spidershark 3 36
Diary entry: 18th of June (Afternoon)
(Douglas: *wearing googles working on a small device, his room got upgraded with a higher education, Uses tools sparking up the device*)
*It was small 3 sided triangle shapped device with a projectile in the middle*
(Douglas: *remove goggles his left eye pupil colour changed into a deep sky blue blinded the scar down his eyes is deep and unstiched, puts on his glasses*)
*pressed the button*
(Douglas: *examines the device*......
*Leans in closely*........-.+ *huffs*
! Oh? Why is this connected to the modulater? *rewires*)
(daina: *peeks* Star gaze honey?)
(Douglas: *doesnt look still rewiring* Helloooo~)
(daina: I brought you your favourite ^^, Jalapeno Tuna Sanwich! ~)
(Douglas: thank you not hungry)
(daina: *smile faintly eat laid flat*
Please for moonbeam :3?)
(Douglas: *Doesnt respond*)
(daina:... *frowns*.....*places the plate beside him*)
( Douglas: *still doesn't respond*)
(daina:... *sighs rubs her arm turns*
Take care dougy <3....)
(Douglas: *Tail lifts up waves b
:iconspidershark:spidershark 5 61
Diary entry:............. 17th of June (night)
(daina:....... *Lazy watching a night scary movie*)
(Douglas: *in bed asleep*)
(daina:...... *Cough*...*Cougcough*....*COUGH violently, Rushes to the bathroom*)
(Douglas: zzzz-
(Douglas: *ear flicker*....o.o mrow?...
*wear his glasses-
*BLEH,Vomitting sounds*
(Douglas: *on all 4 sneaks to the bathroom peeks*)
(daina: *head facing toilet vomiting*.......f-fuck......*hand on her stomach*....)
(Douglas: Big sis?...)
(daina:! *turns* d-douglas!.....g-go to bed....)
(Douglas:... *looks * bad food :c?...)
(daina:..... Yea... Bad food.... Please... Go to bed....)
(Douglas: I'm worried about you ono......)
(daina: *in no mood eyes slits looks away* Douglas I said go Back...)
(Douglas:... *slowly walks up, hand on her lap* moonbeam q.q? -
(Douglas: *NYAAAA WHIMPER on the floor glasses broke his left eye bleeds*)
(daina: *eyes widened* OMG!!!!
YOU OK!? L-lemme see your e-eye...-
(Douglas: *Whimpers cat sound shakey legs stan
:iconspidershark:spidershark 2 36
Cute Love~ (doodle) by sarahsuz Cute Love~ (doodle) :iconsarahsuz:sarahsuz 11 390

Hit a serious art block. What should i draw? 

5 deviants said Comment below




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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there ^^

If you happened to stumble across my page, you might think a lot of things.

-Is she insane?
-What is she thinking?
-She looks pretty rude. Better not talk to her.

Well, that pretty much what I live with on a daily basis. On the outside I look like the most untouchable person in the world. Because pretty much nothing gets to me, insults, violence, heck, even death wouldn't do anything. But under the skin, it's completely different.

I'm just a city girl who's been through a lot and needs a friend or two. There's nothing wrong with that, so I don't understand why people hate city girls.....

Idk, but if you REALLY knew me, then I'm kind of shy at heart. I'm very quiet and like to keep to myself, and I have a huge fear of talking to new people face-to-face.

I love video games which include Minecraft, Five Night's at Freddy's/Pinkie's/Cany's/Sister Location, Call of Duty Ghosts,,, and a bunch of others

I'm starting a Youtube channel too. My name is StriekerLite666. So make sure to like and subscribe!! ^^

Also, I suffer from a few disorders too. I have ADD, Insanity, Bipolar depression, and Constipation.

And I am currently taken by the amaezin :iconargontheminer: :3, so please be nice, as I might not take thing the way they were meant...

<More info about me!!>

Genderfluid Stamp by sunbirds Non-Binary Stamp by sunbirds Bisexual stamp by pulsebomb 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
Hosted By Anime

Get your own CrushTag!

-Proud Leader of the Night Nation (Nightmare Squad)
Night-Nation Logo (Updated, read description plz) by OCfactory77926

-Part of the Aether Alliance NextGen
Aether Guardians NextGen badge by ArgontheMiner
-Has a bit of a temper.
-Will not hesitate to protect her friends, even if she has to murder someone internally
-Has violent tendencies, so if you see her irl, be careful, she could lose her head at any given moment.
-Loves cookies, cake, and anything sweet
-Is a bit of a playboy and a troll sometimes.
-Is al around a good, yet very bad girl ;)

That should be it ^^




OC Sketch ((WIP))
Will most likely be left a WIP unless you request me to finish it and pay the price of a Finished Traditional OC drawing ^^
OC drawing .:Finished; Traditional:.
These will also be finished, but I will hand draw these from start to finish. But these tend to take a little longer, since I get a little OCD when drawing traditionally ^^;
OC with the Nightmares
Ever wonder what YOUR OC would look or act like around the Nightmares? Welp, now you can find out.

First I'll need to do a little research on your desired OC, then I pick 1-3 Nightmares that your OC would get along with the most.

All of these will be Digital, unless I'm not home or I don't have Internet. But yeah ^^
OC drawing .:Finished; Digital:.
These will always be finished products, but I may alter the price depending on the difficulty of the drawing, shading, coloring, etc.

But I'm willing for a challenge ^^
Custom Night-Glider Designs
These will not be handed out freely once the slots are closed.
Custom Prowess *to be explained*
Prowesses are odd, and have weird abilities ^^
OC as a Nightmare
    These will be at random, but they'll look like an OC of yours if you have one that you wish to make a Nightmare.

    But do NOT say that it's canon. Because 98% percent of the time, it won't be canon. If I see that it could be canon, I'll ask you via noting you if you would like to join are group,
Custom Nightmare
Extra Limbs: +10 Points

Special Abilities: +20 Points

More than 1 custom: +30 Points per Nightmare.

Guess who got CORE!!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 9, 2017, 7:40 AM

BIG THANK YOU TO sarahsuz  !!!!! qwq


ShenSirens Prolouge
Aaaaaaaaaaaand in the nic of time! I did the prologue! OWO

Original Page: The ShenSirens: Prologue Shattered Memories by DanielaDragonEXE

Story and Characters beling to DanielaDragonEXE

Art belongs to me


Cover: ShenSirens Cover (Digital)
Prolouge: You are here
Pg.1: Coming Soon
ShenSirens Cover (Digital)
Me and DanielaDragonEXE agreed that when she would post a page of her comic, I would redo it digitally. This was pretty fun actually ^^ And I have another page to draw today so i'll get that done ASAP owo

Story And characters belong to :icondanieladragonexe:

Art belongs to me

Original Cover: The ShenSirens: Re-Remake by DanielaDragonEXE


Cover: You are here>
Next: Coming soon

Sai intro
2 days ago
:iconstriekerxl-mc-gaming:StriekerXL-MC-Gaming has changed their username (formerly OCfactory77926)


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